Keysight EDA

Electronic Design Automation software

Keysight EEsof EDA is the leading supplier of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for communications product design.

High-frequency, high-speed, device modeling, signal-processing and RF circuit design engineers create better products faster using design lows built on our system, component, and physics-level design tools. We offer complete design integration for products such as cellular phones, wireless networks, radar, satellite communications systems and high-speed digital wireline designs. Applications include electronic system level (ESL), high-speed digital, RF-Mixed signal, device modeling, RF and microwave design for commercial wireless, aerospace, and defense markets. Our software is compatible with and is used to design Keysight’s own test and measurement equipment.

All of our EDA software bundles are scalable to offer you the widest variety and most flexible plans available to work within your design low and your budget. As your design needs grow, you can add simulators, models and libraries as you require them. We are dedicated to providing the right software and support to increase your design productivity and advance your long-term success.

HeatWave Electro-Thermal Analysis Software Device Modeling and Characterization Products Momentum 3D Planar EM Simulator  GoldenGate RFIC Simulation Software 

An IC thermal simulator for chips, and stacked-die SiP. HeatWave computes the full-chip temperature profile at the spatial resolution of your devices and interconnects, and annotates this data into your circuit simulator, making your simulation results temperature-accurate.

Our products and premier solutions provide for characterization and modeling of cutting-edge CMOS and compound semiconductor devices. Keysight is the only vendor that provides complete end-to-end modeling solutions, from automated measurements, accurate device model extraction, comprehensive qualification to final process design kit (PDK) validation.
Momentum is the leading 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator used for passive circuit modeling and analysis. It accepts arbitrary design geometries (including multi-layer structures) and uses frequency-domain Method of Moments (MoM) technology to accurately simulate complex EM effects including coupling and parasitics. GoldenGate RFIC Simulation and Analysis Software is an advanced simulation and analysis solution for integrated mixed signal RFIC designs that is fully integrated into the Cadence Analog Design Environment (ADE). GoldenGate is part of Keysight's RFIC simulation, analysis and verification solution.
Genesys RF and Microwave Design Software  SystemVue Electronic System-Level (ESL) Design Software  EMPro 3D EM Simulation Software  Advanced Design System (ADS) 
Genesys is an affordable, accurate, easy-to-use RF and microwave simulation software created for the circuit board and subsystem designer. As a proven safe investment with an installed base of over 5,000 satisfied designers, Genesys literally pays for itself within the first year of deployment by eliminating wasteful hardware iterations through automated circuit synthesis and accurate design. SystemVue is a focused electronic design automation (EDA) environment for electronic system-level (ESL) design. It enables system architects and algorithm developers to innovate the physical layer (PHY) of wireless and aerospace/defense communications systems and provides unique value to RF, DSP, and FPGA/ASIC implementers. Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is Keysight EEsof EDA's electromagnetic (EM) simulation software design platform for analyzing the 3D EM effects of components such as high-speed and RF IC packages, bondwires, antennas, on-chip and off-chip embedded passives and PCB interconnects. Advanced Design System is the world’s leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave, and high speed digital applications. In a powerful and easy-to-use interface, ADS pioneers the most innovative and commercially successful technologies, such as X-parameters and 3D EM simulators, used by leading companies in the wireless communication & networking and aerospace & defense industries.



Dva osciloskopy za cenu jedného!

06. 9. 2021

Pri kúpe AKÉHOKOĽVEK nového 8-kanálového osciloskopu Keysight MXR alebo Keysight EXR získate 4-kanálový 350 MHz osciloskop Keysight InfiniiVision DSOX4034A v hodnote 10.775 EUR úplne ZADARMO.

Spektrálne analyzátory Keysight N9320C

03. 9. 2021

Každý si teraz môže dovoliť merať až do 20 GHz!

NanoVolt/MicroOhm meter Keysight 34420A je späť!

06. 8. 2021

Po kompletnom redizajne z dôvodu regulácie RoHS je tento prístroj znovu v našej ponuke.

Nové 30 kW regeneratívne 2-kvadrantové DC zdroje Keysight RP7980

06. 8. 2021

Spoločnosť Keysight Technologies rozšírila svoju ponuku 2-kvadrantových DC zdrojov radu RP7900 o nové 30 kW modely s maximálnym výstupným napätím 1000 V (RP7982A) a 2000 V (RP7983A).

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+421 905 785 550
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